12:07 PM

Oh my!

So as everyone knows and a lot of people are blogging about, Japan was hit by an 8.9 magnitude earthquake as well as a huge tsunami! It seems that Sendai was damaged the worst, but the videos and photos I've seen look awful. My heart goes out to everyone in Japan!!! The exchange student from Suwa that I'm hosting right now for a week was worried because her grandma lives in Sendai! I really hope that my host family is ok, and I think they will be because they're in Akita, but the exchange student from Suwa that I hosted last year messaged me on facebook and said that Akita was affected, and on the news it said that Akita was one of the prefectures where power had been cut off. As soon as I heard about the earthquake I emailed my host brother asking if their family and Akita was ok, and I anxiously await a reply. I wonder (like everyone else) what AFS is going to do about this situation and if the departure will be postponed. This is so awful! Luckily everyone I know that is in Japan was ok (because they are in Suwa) and my japanese teacher's family was ok, but I really want to know how badly Akita was affected. The quake hit the hardest in the northeastern part of Honshu and Akita is in the northwest, so hopefully the damage is not too bad.


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