9:32 AM

two weeks to go!

I can't believe that in only two weeks I will be on my way to Japan. It's crazy! (I should probably start packing...-.-;;) I leave on March 21st and then I spend the night in L.A. for an orientation there. The day after that everyone heads to the airport and boards the long flight to Tokyo. My orientation will be in Tokyo since I'm living in Akita. I'm really excited to meet everyone else, although I'm worried that I will be horrible at speaking Japanese compared to everyone else. And we're supposed to have a talent to show in the talent show that represents our country, but I can't think of anything I can do well as a talent that represents America!!! Anyone have any ideas? I'm starting to stress out about leaving!!


Maura said...

Can not wait to read your adventures in Japan. So lucky to be leaving in 2 weeks, I leave in August :)

Your Japanese will be awesome I bet. Do not worry.

Shamyah said...

Hmmm i dont know a lot about America , wish i could help!
Just have fun! i also leave in less than 2 weeks xD

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