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So, I thought I'd post a little bit of information on where I'll be living and where I'll be going to school and whatnot. I think it will be more interesting if I have pictures! :D I'll be going to Akita Minami Senior High School: http://www.akitaminami-h.akita-pref.ed.jp/ , And just so you can see on a map:

I hope I find out more about my family and school soon. I have been emailing my host dad and host brother, in ONLY JAPANESE! I felt really proud of myself. XD And I've been emailing the exchange student from Japan which I will host for a week starting FRIDAY in only Japanese as well! I love getting so much practice with it!


cmunch said...

Oh! That looks like a really nice school xD I think I'm going to like stalking your blog :P

Melissa S said...

It does *.* I wish I could read the website though, but unfortunately by reading/writing kanji skills are horrible. x.x And I shall stalk your blog as well~! haha XD

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