12:05 AM

Host Family~!

Today I learned who my host family is and where I'll be staying! I know I haven't used this blog in awhile but I didn't want to spam it with unnecessary things before I got to Japan. However, learning who my host family will be is definitely newsworthy! I am excited to say that I will have 3 siblings and I will be living in Akita in Akita prefecture! I just emailed my host father and brother my self introduction, and hopefully my Japanese is legible! I've scoured the interwebs for information on Akita and have found out a lot about it. They are known for their rice, sake, and beautiful women. The scenery there is absolutely gorgeous!! I've heard that it is also very cold and snowy because it is near the mountains as well as the ocean. There are a lot of festivals, most of them taking place over summer. I really want to try Kiritanpo, a food specific to the Akita area involving mashed rice cooked on cedar rods I believe. The festival that seems really interesting to me is the "Oga Namahage" festival, where men in Akita dress as demons and scare little children into obeying their parents. I also learned that Akita has a dialect: Tohoku dialect, although Sensei said that they also speak standard Japanese, so that's good! I'm getting more and more excited the closer it gets to March. I can't wait to be living with my new family in Akita!