4:46 PM

1000 Paper Cranes

1000 origami cranes
After learning about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and how it cancelled my year-long exchange to Japan, all I wanted to do was help Japan. My japanese teacher and I along with Japanese club and others decided to make 1000 paper cranes in honor of bringing Japan peace. We started a fundraiser at my school to raise money for the Red Cross for Japan  and we raised over $1000 for Japan!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited. We made little bookmarks with phrases like "pray for Japan" on them with little paper cranes and gave them away to people who donated at lunch. The 1000 paper cranes went to the classroom that donated the most - and of course it was ours! (The japanese room). They look so beautiful all together and even more so knowing how many hours it took to make all of them.


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