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March 2011

Well, a lot happened in March and I cannot believe that I stopped writing in this blog. So much has happened since March! A week before I was scheduled to leave we hosted a girl from Suwa, Japan named Yuri and that was SO much fun. She was the fourth exchange student that we have hosted for a week at a time. So I will put pictures of that adventurous week on here as well as prom, graduation, and so much more! Many posts to come in the next few hours...this blog needs updating!!!

 Connor, Megan, and Yuri at the St. Louis Arch!
 Yuri and I at the farewell party!
 Welcome sign for the foreign exchange students from Suwa!
 Yuri and Aimi made Japanese curry for our family - とてもおいしかっただよ!
Yuri was very good at Japanese calligraphy (書度)so she showed my siblings and I how to write in Japanese calligraphy!

These are just some of the many many things that we did while Yuri stayed with us for a week. We also went shopping, went to school, went to restaurants, went to a party....just so many things and it was such a fun and memorable week! ちょう楽しかった!!!


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